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e34/915GC enjay etching press

I love my enjay press: it is exactly what I wanted. I had castors added to mine so that I move it by myself. I'm using it for intaglio and relief printing, and find it smooth and effortless, with good, even results. Bill delivered it to my door and oversaw the installation in my studio, ensuring that it was running perfectly before he left.

From Lizzy Horne

lizzy horne etching
print by Lizzy Horne

The e34/915GC is a professional editioning press suitable for professional printmakers, secondary schools and colleges of fine arts.

  • Robust construction
  • Easily handles popular 80cm x 120cm format paper [max 85cm]
  • Gearing is 12:1 via gearbox rimmed handwheel
  • Roller setting gauges
  • Safety features
  • Cabinet is standard
  • Installs through a standard pedestrian doorway

The e34/915GC is a versatile professional editioning press suitable for the most demanding printmaking applications.

Effective gearing reduces printing effort and the area above the roller is completely clear to allow felts to flip over easily. Maintenance is minimal. The gearbox drive requires no adjustment and oil change interval is 5000 operating hours.

Standard 5 Year warranty applies.


  • Effective gearing reduces printing effort
  • Highest engineering standards of design and construction
  • Roller setting gauges
  • Low maintenance; no chain adjustments
  • Easy installation and relocation

Safety features:

  • There are no hidden finger trapping points
  • Cautionary stickers adjacent to the obvious top roller/bedplate area
  • Low mass bedplate is supported on fully enclosed support wheels.
  • Bed stops and anti-lift pins prevent bedplate accidently exiting the press
  • Fully enclosed covers at sides and lower roller exclude fingers
  • Provision for locking the handwheel to prevent unauthorised use

Technical specification:

  • Robust and rigid laser cut frame precision machined and welded
  • Rollers extra heavy wall construction 165mm diameter
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Roller gap above bedplate 60mm
  • Laminate bedplate with high compressive strength 915mm x 1600mm
  • Bed support by low friction slides
  • Professional hand wheel [890mm diameter with 32mm diameter rim for solid grip]
  • Gearing ratio 12:1 by fully enclosed gearbox [no chains]
  • Steel cabinet base has a convenient storage shelf & provision for locking wheel
  • Felts kit is industrial grade wool comprises 1 x A and 2 x B grade 3.2mm
  • Semi-rigid overlay sheet 900mm x 1580mm x 2mm is polycarbonate
  • Tee-bar screws have stainless steel bars and black knobs
  • Compact cabinet base has convenient storage shelf
  • Optional felts kit 1 x A and 2 x B grade 3.2mm
  • Mass of main lift 280kg

Transport and installation:

  • The e34/915GC installs through a standard pedestrian doorway.
  • We can arrange transport to any location via P&S, we normally deliver the press to the nearest major transport depot and our client arranges further transport; but we can arrange delivery to your door, if required.
  • Installation and commissioning may be available in some locations
  • All packing and transport is done at cost price


PRICE: Press t.b.a.
Note: felts kit, overlay sheet and runners are optional extra cost items.

*Prices are in AUD and subject to confirmation at time of ordering

  • e34 geared etching press A1 format Geared Drive (bench mount) t.b.a.
  • Steel cabinet base with fully lockable castors and shelf
  • Felts kit comprising 1 x A grade & 2 x B grade
  • Overlay sheet and 3mm relief printing runners kit

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