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Neil Jeffery is a professional mechanical designer. He has designed and made Enjay Etching Presses in Australia for more than 50 years. Thousands of Enjay presses have been supplied to schools, colleges and printmakers’ studios throughout Australia and beyond since 1968.


If you would like an unbiased report about enjay etching presses, the professional printmakers listed below on this page can refer you to a selection of our clients.

In stock

Portable. Robust. Exciting.
Made in Australia


portable and home studio press
Bedplate 320mm x 600mm
Rollers Ø60 mm
Crank 250mm throw
Main lift 12kg
PRICE: $1,876
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In production - contact Neil


A2 format press for small studios & schools
Bedplate 460mm x 850mm
Upper roller Ø114 mm
Lower roller Ø88mm
Handwheel Ø890mm
Main lift 35kg
PRICE: please enquire
Pictured with extra cost steel cabinet and locking soft castors

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Built to order - contact Peter


professional editioning press
70x100cm format
Bedplate 756mm x 1350mm
Upper roller Ø140 mm
Lower roller Ø140mm
Handwheel Ø890mm
Gearing 8:1
Roller setting gauges
Main lift 130kg
PRICE: please enquire
(Optional castors)
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Built to order - contact Peter


professional editioning press
80x120cm format,
bedplate 915mm x 1600mm
Upper roller Ø165 mm
Lower roller Ø165mm
Handwheel Ø890mm
Gearing 12:1
Roller setting gauges
Main lift 280kg
PRICE: please enquire
(Optional castors)
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These experienced printmakers are happy to discuss your enjay press requirements.

Email us via the contacts page.

South Australia
Simone Tippett | Profile
0407 079 604

I am passionate about anything printmaking... especially sharing information with other printmakers, teachers, artists and students. My services include:
~ Workshops & casual classes for artists;
~ Specialist workshops for schools & community groups;
~ Start up print packs for individuals and classes;
~ Organising print exhibitions and events.
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Victorian goldfields
Dianne Longley | Profile
0414 891 952

Agave Print Studio offers workshops and classes in printmaking and studio access. Dianne has taught printmaking workshops in Australia, UK, USA and Japan. Her recently completed PhD at ANU chronicles printmaking in South Australia post-WWII. Having published a book on photopolymer printmaking in 1998, Dianne is planning a totally new publication on the diversity of photopolymer printmaking.

Eastern states
Bill Young | Profile
0428 293 662

I have printed my own and other artists’ work since 1976, when I and fellow graduate Deborah Walker purchased an enjay RP32 etching press. We began printing for Louis Kahan and Geoff la Gerche. Providing a custom printing service for 40+ years has led to many major collaborations with artists, a privileged and satisfying position for me to be so closely involved in the creative decision making process. My main editioning studio located in NE Victoria, is built around several enjay presses.

Western Australia & Northern Territory
Neil Jeffery | Profile
0419 599 027

Susan Baran | Profile
0401 306 016

As a professional artist/printmaker I conduct workshops at high school studios for teachers and students. I have tutored at the National Art School, Warringah Printmakers and workshops in Australia and Spain. I particularly enjoy tutoring HSC students, helping to achieve the highest standards for final body of work.
~ One-to-one tuition;
~ Classes, and;
~ Editioning for artists.

NSW, New England region
Lizzie Horne
| Profile
0487 184 059

As a passionate printmaker and arts educator, I am the proud owner of three enjay presses. I use the large one for editioning in my Armidale studio, where I also conduct workshops. The two portable presses go anywhere and are fantastic for classes and workshops around the region, for plein air sessions. I exhibit regularly and am a foundation member of the Black Gully Printmakers at the Museum of Printing in the New England Regional Art Museum, where I have given lots of classes and demos. 

John Robinson | Profile
0423 569 010

Following many years as a commercial printer, I changed to a much more rewarding career as an artist printmaker and technician at the University of Tasmania. Now I regularly run classes for individual printmakers and community groups in my Moving Creature printmaking studio in Hobart and as far away as Fitzroy Crossing.
~ Individual tuition;
~ Group classes;
~ Teacher support.

International / Other enquiries
Neil Jeffery | Profile
0419 599 027


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